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South Carolina Green Step Schools Award
  • SC Green Step awards are given for well-established model-quality projects that help Conserve, Protect or Restore the school’s environment. School teams must work with qualified mentors and provide videos or pictures of students learning, doing and teaching others about their projects. School and their mentors each receive a recycled mother-board frame. Updated certificates slide into the frames each year.

South Carolina Certified Green Step School Award

  • Schools who are sustaining at least two South Carolina Green Step Schools Awards, in each of our categories (Conserve, Protect, Restore). 

South Carolina Green Step Schools Superlative Awards

Each year, mentors are encouraged to nominate schools to receive SC Green Step School Superlative Awards. Most years we select a Conserve, Protect and Restore School of the Year based on the depth within the category. To compete, schools typically needs to document model quality projects for all of the following:   

  • For Conserve: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Green Purchasing and Energy Conservation                                                         
  • For Protect: Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality and Water Quality                                                                                               
  • For Restore: Soil and Habitat

Most years we also select an Overall School of the Year.

These superlative award winners are posted in our Hall of Fame, and each school can win each category only once.

South Carolina Green Ribbon School Award

  • South Carolina Green Ribbon Schools is a program recognizing schools that are reducing environmental impact and costs, improving health and wellness, and developing effective environmental and sustainability education. For more information about Green Ribbon Schools in SC, email Sam Christmus at or call (803) 898-0717Dutch Fork Elementary was recognized as SC’s first Green Ribbon School.



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