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To Be a Green Step Mentor

1. Look over our website.
2. Email where and what projects you can mentor. 
3. Attend a Green Steps Kick-Off. Check our calendar for dates, help host one in your region or train-on-line
4. Meet with a school team in the fall to help plan significant, realistic, and eco-friendly project(s).
5. Act as a school resource person and cheerleader throughout the year.

6. Fill out Mentor Midyear Summary Form and email to by January 31.
7. Request pictures/videos with detailed captions that show students learning, doing, and teaching: 

Learn Pictures/Videos: Must show the teacher/mentor educating the students

Do Pictures/Videos: Must show the students using the knowledge they learned 

Teach Pictures/Videos: Must show students teaching other people what they learned through the project

8. Meet with the school team again, no later than April 31, to critique the project.

9. Judge each project using these criteria:

Significant: Students have documented learning, doing and teaching others about an environmental topic
Model Quality: The project(s) is worthy to show other schools 
Well EstablishedThe project(s) has been model quality for at least 12 months
Sustainable: At least 2 paid staff/faculty members are helping manage
the project(s)
Documented: Videos or pictures showing students learning, doing, and teaching, with detailed captions, have been saved and sent to by May 15.

10. Fill out the Green Step Schools Evaluation Forms below for each project you mentored this year and email the form to Be sure to note your favorite thing about each project. *You can download the forms and type directly on the Word Docx., save your file and email it back. Or you can print out the form, write in your responses, then scan and email the form.  

Conserve Form.docx      Protect Form.docx      Restore Form.docx

11. Accept your award at a state workshop/conference or a regional fall kickoff (check calendar for dates and details). Forever Frames are given with stickers to honor each year after two years of your service. 



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