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Restore: Habitat - Forestry 

Ask your mentor to do a presentation, then click on these links to learn more about forestry resources. 


Forestry Projects

  • Learn what types of trees can be planted in specifics locations
  • Plant a tree on school property

Ideas for sharing student habitat knowledge

  • Broadcast on school news shows 
  • Create and display hallway posters 
  • Film and share informational videos 
  • Operate education tables at school or community events 

Document Project(s)

Sample Project: Plant a Tree

Planting trees each year on your school grounds can serve many purposes:

  • improve air quality
  • provide shade and wildlife habitats
  • absorb rainwater where it accumulates on school grounds

Trees can be planted to celebrate Arbor Day or to honor someone special to your school family. Every school needs more trees!



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