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At-Home Learning Projects for Conserve: Reuse 

Upcycled Hydroponic Edibles

Grow Your Own Hydroponic Veggies for free

  1. Start by upcycling a plastic bottle. Cut off and invert the top third of the bottle into the base.
  2. Next cut and insert the bottom of a head of lettuce or celery into the planter filled with enough water to touch the plant. Place it in a bright, cool setting and wait for a healthy treat.

Many more ideas here 

Upcycle Egg Shells 

Try making this fun egg shell craft

  1. Start with an uncooked egg. Tap the small end with a paring knife. Carefully break off bits of the shell until you can pour out the egg to use for cooking. Rinse out the shell and continue to enlarge the opening to suit your purpose.
  2. Next cut a small slice from a cork and glue it inside a bottle cap. Squirt more glue on top of the cork and set the wide (small) end of the egg on top. Let dry.
  3. Fill the egg cup with tiny spring flowers or fill with melted wax from an old candle and add a wick to make a new candle.
(This project could count toward a “Conserve: Reuse” project for Green Steps.)




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